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Urban Gardening – Growing Coreopsis (Tickseed)

Vegetable gardens sometimes require a lot of attention, so I approach my flower beds with one thing in mind – stick with low maintenance perennials that are pollinator and/or bird friendly.  If I can work in native plants, that’s a bonus!

I have a large (4 ft x 24 ft) raised bed on the south side of my home.  Needless to say, it receives sunlight from sun up to sun down.  That’s a good thing during the cooler times of the year, but summer in my part of the country can have very high temperatures for long periods of time.  So, for this particular flower bed, I look for plants that can withstand hot weather and are tolerant to drier conditions.

One of my favorite flowering plants for this flower bed has become Coreopsis UpTick.  A variety of flower colors are available, and I went with the Gold and Bronze (picture).  This is a hybrid variety suited for growing zones 5a – 9b, so roots should withstand overwintering temperatures of -10 to -20° F.  

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